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500,000 American Men Get Vasectomies Every Year – A Specialist Explains the Quick and Simple Procedure

This year, many vasectomy patients are young or single men concerned about unwanted pregnancy at a time when abortion care may not be as available as before.

In any given year, about half a million men in the United States undergo a vasectomy. Although the percentage of men getting them had been dropping for the past two decades, it looks like those numbers are going up in the wake of the June 24, 2022, Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Appointments up

It’s too early for official numbers, but as a urologist and microsurgeon specializing in vasectomies, I can personally report that more new patients are coming to see me. We used to typically perform about 20-25 vasectomies a month in our Miami clinic. Since the Dobbs v. Jackson decision came down, however, we’re now fully booked at 30 vasectomies scheduled each month through next year. I’m also seeing about 30% more online queries about vasectomies. In my 15-year career, it’s the first such increase I’ve seen.

Other urologists have rising numbers, too. In fact, one Kansas City doctor said that he had a 900% increase in vasectomy inquiries in just the four days after the decision.

Young or single men make up the majority of our clinic’s new vasectomy clients. They say they are concerned about getting a woman pregnant when abortion care isn’t as available as it was before. They also inquire about freezing their sperm first in case they want biological children in the future. Frozen storage is a viable option, and some patients have even successfully frozen their own sperm.

Source: SciTechDaily