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Amazon takes on Fitbit with the $80 Halo View

A year after launching its original exercise band, Halo, Amazon just dropped the follow up, Halo View. The company’s not quite ready to go full bore into the smartwatch category just yet, but it clearly has the Google-owned Fitbit brand directly in its sights with the newly announced Halo View.

The device doesn’t quite challenge the low end of the fitness band category currently monopolized by the likes of Huawei, but the $80 price point (which includes a year of the company’s Halo service) is certainly competitive in the mid-tier of the market – particularly among those with built in displays.

The product sports a color AMOLED touch screen, coupled with haptic feedback, designed to react to your activity in real-time. The wearable is waterproof for swimming and sports a week of battery life that can be charged to full in 90 minutes.

Along with the new device, comes a number of different content features. Halo Fitness takes on the likes of Apple’s Fitness+ with hundreds of built-in video courses.


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source: TechCrunch