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Anxiety: Practicing Failure in Your Mind and How To Stop

Do you go over potential problems in your head? If so, you create anxiety based on imaginary circumstances. As crazy as it sounds, most people practice failure rather than success. If you repeat possible victories instead of catastrophes, you will be happy rather than stressed.

Why you practice failure

Going over potential pitfalls provides the opportunity to seek solutions you think you might need. Your plan, though, is flawed. Most of the scenarios you consider won’t happen. Also, you rarely work out how to fix anything after all. Pondering unfortunate events, but not how to resolve them, makes you stressed.

You might practice failing because you lack confidence too. It’s hard to foresee positive outcomes when you don’t feel good enough. If your self-esteem is low, you will focus on negativity.

Break the habit

Considering failure is a habit. You’ve practiced so often negative thoughts are now easy to generate. Pathways in your brain support your tendency to be pessimistic. To make them fade, rewire your gray matter to support preferable thoughts. Imagine yourself succeeding instead of failing and picture positive scenarios.

Initially, you might visualize events going wrong because this is what you usually do. Don’t fight your thoughts though; override them. Catch yourself being pessimistic and consider a different idea. Ask yourself what you want to happen and picture a scene in which you get the results you desire.

Practice success

When you imagine scenarios about the future, use your senses to see, hear, feel, smell, taste, and touch. Make your visualizations as real and detail-filled as possible. Enjoy how practicing makes you relax and your tension will dissolve.

Practice often so connections form in your brain to accommodate fresh thoughts. Don’t be upset if unwanted thoughts interrupt you; resisting them will make them grow. Remember they are old patterns on their way out of your life.

The potential outcomes you see in your mind are possibilities, not certainties. It makes sense to imagine positive results instead of calamities. Doing so will relieve anxiety and create happy hormones that make you positive.

Source: SciTechDaily