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Baidu CIO Li Ying Promoted To Group VP

According to reports in Chinese local media, Baidu announced to promote its CIO Li Ying to vice president of Baidu Group.

Meanwhile, Li will continue to be CIO of Baidu Group and general manager of map business division and she will continue to report to Baidu’s CTO Wang Haifeng.

Baidu said that Li started her internship with Baidu in 2003 and formally joined the company after graduation in 2004. She previously led many businesses, including natural language processing, web search relevance, Spider, Internet data research and development, compound search, recommendation and personalization, knowledge graph, and AI technology ecology.

Public files show that Li took over Baidu’s map business in March 2018 and led its intelligent upgrade from traditional Internet map to new-generation AI map. At present, Baidu map’s data collection realized 80% AI collection and its productivity improved over 30 times. By December 2019, Baidu map’s daily average location service requests reached over 120 billion times and it served over 500,000 mobile apps.

In February 2020, Li was appointed CIO of Baidu and built her team. With Baidu’s AI central platform and knowledge central platform, they created the new-generation intelligent office platform and enhanced the construction of enterprise intelligent management system.