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BMW Exec Suggests Automaker Should Work With Elon Musk

JAN 10 2019 BY


This BMW exec knows the automaker must make its own batteries to surge forward with EVs.

In a recent interview with Manager Magazin, BMW works council chief Manfred Schoch stated that he believes BMW must make its own batteries to be successful with its EV future. This makes perfect sense since arguably the most successful EV maker — Tesla — has flourished due to its Gigafactory and partnership with Panasonic.

Schoch gave the utmost praise to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He says that Musk’s decision to focus on EV battery production is commendable. In addition, the automaker’s decision to secure a viable partnership with a major player in the battery segment is praiseworthy. He shared (translated from German):

Tesla controls the entire value chain; they understood electromobility.

Tesla has far surpassed all other automakers on the electric car front. It’s really the only truly prosperous electric vehicle maker at this point, though company has struggled to show a continuing profit. Its investments in the future have been monumental, and Tesla is just finally catching up on its massive spending. Still, Schoch is of the opinion that BMW should be getting on board with similar plans if it wants to prevail. He asserts:

Tesla made in the third quarter at a good 6 billion dollars in sales 312 million profit, BMW came in the automotive segment at 21 billion euros to 784 million surplus. Who deserves better?

Many automakers are slowly adding electric vehicles into the mix. Still, BMW far exceeds many others. It currently only offers one pure-electric vehicle: The i3. However, it also manufactures plenty of plug-in hybrids that sell reasonably well. In the coming years, the brand intends to up the EV ante considerably.

Shoch sees communication and/or some type of partnership with Tesla and Elon Musk as a reasonable strategy to secure BMW’s electric car future. He says that there are too many complaints in the automotive industry and too many people claiming that certain progress is impossible. He points to Tesla’s achievements and concludes:

Our board members should finally deal more intensively with this gentleman [Elon Musk], who should have been bankrupt by now.


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