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Can you use AR and VR to teach employees soft skills?

AR and VR can help improve employee training simulations on soft skills by delivering realistic human speech, body language, and mannerisms, according to Talespin.

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A new virtual human technology tool can help improve soft skills training for employes. The training tool from Talespin is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and leverages virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology to create realistic, human-like situations.

Soft skills are integral to not only get hired, but also promoted: Some 67% of HR professionals withhold job offers from qualified candidates because they lack necessary soft skills. These soft skills include conflict management, communication skills, emotional intelligence, stress management, and more.

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The new training tool uses VR to present trainees with safe and repeatable simulations to practice using soft skills, according to a Talespin press release. The platform creates a virtual human who uses speech recognition, AI, natural language processing, and narrative branching to simulate a realistic conversation.

The platform provides feedback in real-time, helping trainees actively learn and improve from each simulation. For example, organizations can use the tool to practice effectively terminating an employee—a situation that is normally difficult to practice.

“Improved workplace communication and empathy are the most critical factors we’ve identified as we help organizations think about the future of work,” said Kyle Jackson, CEO and co-founder of Talespin, in a press release. “We’ve developed our virtual human technology to help people better prepare for a rapidly changing workplace dynamic and evolving technology by improving their interpersonal skills.

The virtual human technology allows organizations to insert their own curriculums and subject matter into the virtual characters and use cases, the release said. Through gamified scoring, direct feedback, and enterprise integrations, users can track employee development and engagement.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • A new virtual human technology platform uses AI, VR, and AR to help improve employees’ soft skills. — Talespin, 2019
  • Organizations can integrate their own content to make the training directly relevant to their employees. — Talespin, 2019

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