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CES 2019: Hit the ground running with this reading list

Image: CES

CES is arguably the biggest electronics show of the year, and it kicks off on January 8, 2019. Innovators from across the tech spectrum will be showcasing their latest products during the four-day event, and the news from the Consumer Electronics Show will likely define the industry for at least the next year.

That’s not to say we’re in the dark about what to expect at CES 2019—it’s predicted that most of the major announcements and newest gadgets of interest to business professionals will be related to IoT devices, 5G technology, AI developments, smart city innovations, and smart office products.

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Here’s a list of TechRepublic ebooks to read so you will be well-informed about CES 2019’s biggest trends. These PDF downloads are free for registered TechRepublic and ZDNet members.

Internet of Things

IoT has made tremendous inroads into consumer lifestyles and business operations. This ebook introduces the basics of IoT and covers the most prominent trends and use cases, from healthcare to manufacturing to transportation technology.

5G mobile networks

5G smartphones: A guide for business professionals
Various mobile carriers have announced that 5G networks are coming as early as the beginning of 2019, but how will that affect business users? This ebook will give you insight into what 5G means for smartphones, which phones are being marketed as 5G capable, and why labeling a phone as 5G capable might not mean much yet.

5G mobile networks: An insider’s guide
If you want to know what 5G mobile networks actually are, this ebook is for you. It covers the technical ins and outs of 5G and will help you understand what the latest mobile network tech is capable of delivering.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence: A business leader’s guide
AI is the latest tech trend to cause ripples throughout the business world, but that’s a broad stroke to paint when you’re not sure how it affects you. This ebook includes a rundown of AI’s risks and benefits in the business world and discusses how artificial intelligence may change the way you work, hire employees, make money, and live.

AI in healthcare: An insider’s guide
When we think of artificial intelligence, we often think of basic tasks like sorting, counting, and object recognition, but it’s making a huge splash in the medical field as well. This ebook covers some of the latest AI innovations in healthcare, with a particular focus on how artificial intelligence and deep learning are helping doctors and nurses make decisions as opposed to automating routine tasks.

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Smart cities technology

Smart cities: A business leader’s guide
Smart city technology is more than just air quality sensors on telephone poles—it’s changing the way we work and live in a variety of ways. Pull the curtains back on the world of smart city technology with this ebook.

Smart office technology

Special report: How to optimize the smart office
Office automation can be great, or it can be a disaster of clashing ecosystems, poor communication, and choke points. This ebook covers various smart office technologies and how you can put them to use in the most optimal way possible.

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