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COP24 live blog

I’m at another sparsely attended press conference, this time about the UNFCCC’s Ambition Loop, which throws down the gauntlet to private companies to crank up their climate change policies.

The climate change spokesman of Maersk, John Kornerup Bang, is explaining how his company committed last week to being carbon neutral by 2050, a task which – given the 20 to 25-year forward planning timescales involved in container shipping – means the first commercially viable zero-carbon container ships need to be on the seas by 2030.

Lisa Manley, from Mars (the chocolate company, rather than the planet), has now taken the mike, and is discussing her company’s commitment to renewable energy, which has seen the business source all its energy from renewables in the U.S. and U.K., make advances in Mexico and recently sign a long-term renewables PPA in Australia.

Mars has also committed to reducing emissions from its global supply chain, also she wasn’t able to offer specific examples of what role solar will play, when put on the spot by pv magazine.

Bertrand Camus, of water and waste treatment firm Suez has made a passing reference to the riots in Paris, and the need to make sure the shift to a circular economy is an inclusive one.

Source: pv magazine