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Does Fast Charging A Nissan LEAF Lead To Overheating?

DEC 26 2018 BY


It appears Nissan may have addressed the issue with 2018 Nissan LEAF charging speed limitations.

*Electric Swede has added another related video, which we’ve included below. Hat tip William!

Not long after the all-new 2018 Nissan LEAF arrived, reports began to surface about issues with charging speed when the battery was hot (aka Rapidgate). Essentially, if you went on a road trip and tried to fast-charge the car a few times, the charging speed was severely slowed during the second or third charging attempt.

Bjørn Nyland (Teslabjørn) and Lemon-Tea Leaf, among others, tested the Nissan LEAF extensively to prove that the issue was real. However, more recently, people have been reporting that the charging speed issue may not be so bad in newer vehicles.

YouTuber Electric Swede set out to find out whether the new reports are true. He tested a LEAF that was just built in November 2018. His findings make it clear that Nissan has changed charging speed limits when the battery is hot.

Check out the short video above and let us know your experiences. Do you own a new LEAF? Have you experienced Rapidgate? Has anyone bought a LEAF more recently? Fill us in via the comment section below.

Video Description via Electric Swede on YouTube:

Nissan Leaf 2018 – Rapidgate changed? Less limitation in newer cars!

I have tested rapid charging at higher temperatures in my new Nissan Leaf 40kWh. (Car manufactured nov 2018)

After getting reports from other drivers that recently got delivery of new Leafs, that the speed wasn’t so bad as Teslabjorn, Lemon-Tea Leaf or Fully Charged have reported. It seems that in the newer Leafs from latest months, there is a lot different in the limits that Nissan has implemented when the battery is hot.

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