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Enphase microinverters for high-power modules

US microinverter specialist Enphase has brought its IQ 7A devices for commercial and industrial rooftop PV projects to Europe and Australia.

These inverters are compatible with 60-, 66-, and 72-cell high-power monofacial and bifacial solar modules with power output ranging from 295 to 450 W, according to the manufacturer. “With a maximum output power of 366 volt-amperes (VA) and 96.5% EU efficiency, Enphase IQ 7A microinverters can generate up to 14% more power than any previous Enphase IQ microinverters,” the company claims.

The inverters have a California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency of 97.0% and a maximum input DC voltage of 58 V. Power point tracking voltage ranges between 18 V and 58 V, while maximum DC short circuit current is 15 A.

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Each microinverter has dimensions of 212 mm by 175 mm by 30.2 mm and weighs 1.08 kg. Its ambient operating temperature ranges from -40 C to 60 C.

The inverter also features the Enphase Enlighten monitoring and analysis software as well as IP67 protection.

“The microinverters are backed by a 10-year warranty in the Australian solar market, which can be extended to 15, 20, or 25 years, and a 25-year limited warranty in the European solar market,” Enphase said. “The pairing of IQ 7A microinverters with high-power modules allows solar installers to reduce the number of modules required for a given system output and provides them with the peace of mind of knowing that Enphase microinverters can support future high-power modules.

Source: pv magazine