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Episode 348: How Shopify shops for carbon removal tech

This week’s run time is 45:18. To download the free 2023 State of Green Business, referenced in this week’s chit-chat, click here.

Why Shopify is paying a premium for carbon removal  (21:00)

Stacy Kauk, head of sustainability for Shopify, chats about net-zero goals, the Scope 3 challenge and optimizing carbon removal investments for maximum impact. GreenBiz Senior Editor Jesse Klein reports.

Music in this episode

Coma Media: “Chill Abstract (Intention).”
Dayfox: “Sweet Love.”
Ashot-Damielyan-Composer: “Relaxed Vlog.”
Lee Rosevere: “Introducing the Pre-Roll,” “Let That Sink In.”


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Source: GreenBiz