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Everything That’s Wrong With This Tesla Model 3: Video

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No car is perfect, right?

It’s long been known that the Tesla Model 3 suffered from some occasional build quality issues. But that was in the past, right?

Well, perhaps not.

Even though Tesla is now out of Model 3 production hell, it seems some build quality issues still plague select Model 3. The issues range from minor paint scratches on up to misaligned panel gaps. Yep, those panel gaps still seem to be a problem.

A short while back, we posted video of Engineering Explained taking delivery of a Tesla Model 3. Well, here’s the next follow-up.  This is sure to be a long series of Model 3 clips from the excellent YouTube channel. So, stay tuned for even more to come.

Video description:

A detailed look at the build quality issues with my mid-range Tesla Model 3. Includes exterior scratches, paint quality issues, panel gaps, and panel placement.

What quality issues did my Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range arrive with? It’s been heavily reported that while Tesla has been ramping up the production quantity of Tesla Model 3s. The quality of the builds is not fully there.

In this video we’ll look at all of the various paint scratches on my Model 3, paint defects, and also the mismatching panel gaps on each side of the vehicle. As a control, we’ll also look at the panel gaps on my Subaru Crosstrek (a vehicle that cost 1/2 the price), and see how the panel gaps compare to the Tesla at the exact same locations.

All of the issues shown in this video are from how the car arrived at my house. I took delivery on November 29th, and the car went straight into my garage at 22 miles on the odometer for this video to be filmed. I had not yet driven the car before filming this video, except from taking it from the delivery truck and placing it into my garage, several hundred feet of travel.

Are the flaws I show worth mentioning, or am I simply being petty? Feel free to let me know how you feel in the comments.

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