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eYs3D and Lucid are teaming to release a handheld 3D camera

Virtual reality is — as many have learned the hard way — nothing without content. There are a number of solutions on the market at present, but many are unweildy and/or prohibitively expensive for  many content creators.

Taiwanese 3D imaging company eYs3D announced this week that it’s teaming with Lucid to create the Axis, a hand-held solution for a fraction of the price of higher end systems. What, precisely that fraction is, however, remains to be seen, so we’re going to have to take the companies’ words for it now.

Lucid’s certainly got experience with the small bit. The company has been providing modules for a number of mobile devices including, notably, Red’s Hydrogen One handset, which utilized camera depth to shoot photos for its innovative 3D display.

Per the release,

What was previously possible only with 8-16 high-end DSLR cameras and expensive software or depth sensors is now combined into a single, tiny camera module with stereo lenses paired with IR sensors. AXIS is the world’s first depth-sensing solution which will cover up to 180-degrees field of view while providing millimeter-accurate 3D in point cloud or depth map format.

The system is targeted primarily at game designers, developers and animators. It’s due out at some point in Q3 this year.

source: TechCrunch