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First Solar brings modules to rooftop segment

From manufacturing to operation to end-of-life recycling, First Solar PV modules are the most sustainable in the industry. Series 6 modules have the lowest carbon footprint, water use, and pollution footprint of any Tier 1 solar module.

“While First Solar has a long history in the utility-scale space, there have been a number of instances of our technology being used for distributed generation applications both in the U.S. and abroad,” Darin Green, senior director of business development at First Solar, told pv magazine. “The goal here is to offer American-designed PV technology to projects and customers of all shapes and sizes across the U.S. In other words, if you want to power community solar, C&I projects, schools, and municipal or military installations with First Solar technology, it is now available through our distributor partners.”

Source: pv magazine