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Giant, Huawei Establish Ecological Joint Innovation Lab

Giant Network and Huawei formally signed an ecological and technological cooperation agreement, under which the two parties will implement in-depth exchanges and cooperation in new technologies and ecology and jointly establish an ecological joint innovation lab.

According to the agreement, Giant Network and Huawei will carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation in Harmony ecology and distribution and Huawei Mobile Services ecology. Based on the advantages of HMS ecology and Huawei’s overseas application market, Huawei will team with Giant Network in the overseas markets to help Chinese games go abroad.

In addition, the two parties will conduct technical exchanges and innovations in AI, graphics, chips and solutions, game engines, VR/AR, terminal software technologies, and car entertainment. With the cooperation, Giant Network will realize its technological achievements in gaming projects.

It is said that their first batch of cooperation projects, including “ZT 2 Intercommunication Edition”, “Battle of Balls”, “Pascal’s Wager”, and “Night of Full Moon” have been launched.