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GM Says No To Plug-In Hybrids, Yes To Pure Electric

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It’s all-electric for the win, says GM.

Mark Reuss, General Motors President, shown below with the Chevrolet Volt in 2012, says that there is no backing for plug-in hybrids.

The company intends to focus all its resources on the all-electric part of the plug-in segment, which excludes the possibility of some other models – SUV or pickup – with Voltec drivetrain, for which many hoped after the Volt’s demise.

Mark Reuss said at the company’s investor conference:

“Hybrids are just countermeasures to an ICE.”

“You can’t spend money to force the customer to carry around extra stuff they may not need.”

“Or, you can spend your money on getting the real answer, which is providing the customer a zero emissions, sustainable, affordable solution.”

Interestingly, in China, Buick is going to introduce the plug-in hybrid Velite 6. Mixed signals, perhaps? Seems true, especially if you consider the Cadillac electric SUV debut from last night.

Source: Green Car Reports

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