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Google Glass’s successor teased at I/O

The consensus has long been that Google Glass was ahead of its time. But in recent years, much of the world has since lapped the company in the AR department. To close out today’s I/O keynote, the company showcased what may well be a spiritual successor to the hardware. As CEO Sundar Pichai noted, this is very much just an early sneak peek at what the company has been working on, but the demo video certainly looks promising.

The issue with the original version of the wearable was two-fold. First: the hardware simply wasn’t ready. Second: the company really never cracked the “why” of the product — certainly enough to justify its price point. For those reasons, it never made it too far beyond the developer community.

Enough time has passed to address the first part. As for the second, today’s video answers the question in a fairly compelling manner: translation. It remains to be seen how fully featured these specs would be if they ever actually come to market, but live IRL subtitles in a wearable head’s up display is a big deal, if the execution is right.


source: TechCrunch