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GovExec Daily: Getting Politics Out of the COVID-19 Response

President Joe Biden’s administration came into office last month in the middle of a raging pandemic that has claimed the lives of over 400,000 Americans. The challenge that awaits Biden will not be easy, as his administration tries to distribute and administer vaccine doses to hundreds of millions of Americans who live in a nation divided deeply by its politics.

Dr. Ron Sanders was a federal civil servant for almost 40 years, serving in senior positions with the Defense Department, the IRS, the Office of Personnel Management, and the Intelligence Community. He also served as a vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton, and until his resignation in October, as the Presidentially-appointed Chair of the Federal Salary Council. He is currently Staff Director for the Florida Center for Cybersecurity. He joined the show to discuss his GovExec post, “To Beat the Pandemic, Biden Needs to Take the Politics Out of It” and the COVID-19 response.

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source: GoveExec