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Here’s what LG has on tap for CES

LG announcing all — or, at least, most — of its launches ahead of CES has become something of a time honored tradition. That’s one way to get noticed. This first week of the year tends to be among the slowest, and the same can’t be said for next, when we’ll be in the belly of the beast that is the Las Vegas Convention Center.

CES has never really been much of a mobile show for LG (that’s what MWC is for). Instead the company uses the opportunity to trot out new TVs and home appliances. There’s a chance the company will showcase some new stuff at its press conference next week (previews of robotics and AI always tend to catch the eye), but the company just unloaded a bunch of stuff on the home entertainment front.

As noted earlier, 8K TVs are leading the way here. That’s almost certainly going to be CES’s big story on the TV front (actually 8K content perhaps less so). The Z9 OLED appears to be the top of the heap, with a fairly gigantic 88 inch screen size, 8K upscaling and image noise reduction.

Both that and the 8K 75 inch SM99 utilize LG’s second gen α9 processor, “which recognizes content source quality and determines the best upgrade method for optimal visual output,” per a press release issued by the company.

This year also find Alexa hitting the company’s sets, in addition to Google Assistant. Amazon’s voice assistant will be available through the company’s Home Dash board, letting users control smart home functionality through the TVs. Both work in conjunction with LG’s proprietary ThinQ AI offering. 

source: TechCrunch