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Hey, look, it’s a hamster wheel for your cat

Have a stationary lifestyle and a penchant for lasagna left your cat overweight and sluggish? Sure kicking dogs off the sides of tables and mailing cats to Abu Dhabi are decent legwork, but what about the full body workout your furry friend deserves?

That, dear reader, is where The Little Cat comes in. This $1,800 hamster wheel from South Korean company Pet Ding promises to help your feline burn away those excess kilograms. There’s a small, color changing light in the middle of the track for the cat to chase, a la a laser pointer.

An Android/iOS app, meanwhile, moves the light higher, depending on how quickly you want him or her to run. It also offers up distance and calories burned.

This is either the stupidest or most brilliant thing I’ve seen this week at CES. Honestly though, it’s like day 5,000 of the show and I’m very tired right now, so I can’t say for sure. At the very least, your cat will almost certainly appreciate the the big ring as a metaphor for the futility of life. Make every day feel like a Monday.

The Little Cat is coming to the U.S. in late-March.

source: TechCrunch