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How do you pronounce IaaS?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

This is our Friday show, and we’re talking about the week’s biggest startup and tech news. Mary Ann and Alex were joined by Kirsten once again to parse the week’s news and call out the biggest stories:

  • California passed a law that will require venture firms to disclose certain market data concerning whom they are investing in. Some investors and venture groups are opposed to the law.
  • ALIAVIA Ventures has put together a new fund to invest in women building tech companies in Australia and the United States, with a focus on helping Aussie companies reach the American market.
  • Canopy Servicing raised a $15.2 million Series A1. Alex caught up with the company, hoping to learn what it took to raise a fintech round in 2023. Things have changed since the go-go days of 2021 when every round felt like a fintech round and every fintech round felt like a pre-IPO deal.
  • And rounding out our deals of the week, Kirsten brought a fascinating $200 million deal between a private equity group and EVPassport. If the world is going to move more toward electric cars, then we’re going to need more plugs in more places.
  • From there, we worked to draw a connective line between the startup turbulence we’ve seen recently, with Braid shutting down, Shift and IronNet going under, and Blue Apron selling for a fraction of its former value.
  • And to close, can technology solve a labor shortage in construction? And if so, what role will startups play in that work?

We had a great chat with the CEO of Medium earlier this week, and have a packed agenda for you including another interview that we’re excited about. More soon!

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source: TechCrunch