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Intersect360 Research White Paper: AI-Augmented-HPC-From-Dell-Drives-Customer-Successes

High Performance Computing (HPC) is a long-term growth market, as it unlocks new insights and reduces time to discovery in a wide range of domains, such as manufacturing, energy, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

Dell is working with the community to expand the capabilities of AI augmented HPC. Dell is contributing not only domain-specific expertise, but specialized resources in its HPC & AI Innovation Lab. One of the systems in the lab that is available for AI-augmented HPC is Minerva, built in collaboration with AMD to include 150 Dell PowerEdge C6525 server nodes powered by second-generation AMD EPYC processorsand over 2.8 Petabytes (combined) of Dell Ready Solution for HPC BeeGFS High CapacityStorage. According to Dell, “Engineering, partners and customers access the system for benchmarking, application characterizations, and solution optimization.”

With its domain-specific knowledge and technology solutions across data management and computation for AI-augmented HPC, Dell Technologies is well-positioned to help is customers achieve new insights for the next generation.

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Source: TechRepublic