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Intersolar Europe day 3: Sign The Green Hydrogen Manifesto today!

There’s been a genuinely ebullient mood among production equipment suppliers throughout the three days of Intersolar Europe, with a range of new EU-based PV cell and module projects presenting a wealth of opportunities for production equipment suppliers, according to editor in chief, Jonathan Gifford.

Basque-based production equipment supplier Mondragon Assembly had its new solar head Iñaki Madina on site, and he reported that the company had been swamped with enquiries over the first two days. There had not been even time for lunch, Madina reported – a doubled edged sword, it seems.

Iñaki Madina had taken over from Mondragon’s former solar business head Iñaki Legarda a little less than a year ago, and it was certainly not a case of the lesser of two Iñakis. Madina set out his vision and strategy for supplying the European solar market over the next few years, and it’s comprised of some exciting stuff.

On one side, he sees the future of European manufacturing as being high-tech projects, with a HJT, ECA encapsulant project and an IBC project two recent examples of Mondragon technology projects on display at the booth.

The other component of Mondragon’s strategy is the supply of relatively novel manufacturing concepts, such as automated BIPV module production, and production tools for specialized floating PV and agri-PV projects.

“Our basis to invest in technology with partnerships, in these new technologies, and what we are good at making equipment in which we adapt the new technology,” said Madina. “Our strategy is also focused in niche applications and adapting the solution for the customer.”

Source: pv magazine