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Maps and charts show coronavirus hotspots and reopening timelines

Definitive Healthcare offers a dashboard and interactive tool that can filter by state, and by county, and report what’s opening and when.

There are plenty of maps tracking the progress against the force of the coronavirus, but Definitive Healthcare’s COVID-19 reopening analysis dashboard and interactive tool can track and show, via a filter, where and when businesses, state, county, and city facilities will reopen.

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“There are many dashboards out now with individual elements that describe the impact of COVID-19 around the US,” said Ryan Sowers, vice president of data science, Definitive Healthcare. “Our dashboard integrates the most telling factors such as IHME hospital resource utilization, testing trends, and the Effective Reproduction rate and displays them in a way that shows how the virus is trending. We take those analytics a step further and have engineered them at the county level as well so that communities can evaluate their own trends.”

Users can view the date of the data update, the cumulative cases, the cumulative deaths, and percent of population tested. A map charts COVID-19 cases per 1,000 and a chart graphs the state reproductive rate (Rt).
“The effective reproduction rate, or effective reproduction number, is an important metric in this dashboard,” the report stated. “It gauges how many new individuals will likely be infected by one COVID-positive person. This calculation—together with state testing information and existing stay-at-home parameters—reflects how a state or county is managing infection rates and when they might safely reopen.”

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A table lists the top 20 states by cases, with charts for hospitalization, ICU and ventilator cases. Another table chronicles top counties by cases and lists, in addition to the county and state (top three as of May 25 are New York, NY; Cook, IL.; Los Angeles, CA) the breakdowns of cases per 1,000, cumulative county cases, cumulative county deaths, and average positive tests.

A blog post from May 22 analyzes the facts and figures from the COVID-19 Reopening Analysis.

Other information that can be found, based on which filter is applied:

  • Total cumulative number of cases and deaths

  • Total percentage of the population that’s been tested so far

  • The effective Rt to show, on average, how many people will be infected from one infected person

Seven-day rolling averages are graphed to also depict: 

  • the number of total tests given

  • positive tests reported, and

  • deaths per day, to highlight any potential downward trends. 

The Definitive Health dashboard has proprietary data that includes:

  • total number of beds

  • licensed beds

  • ICU beds, and 

  • ventilator capacity

Definitive Healthcare has combined their proprietary data with data from the following external resources:

The dashboards, Sowers said, were designed not only with the public in mind, but also “government decision makers, and business leaders” who “are evaluating how best to navigate this new reality.”  

“In the coming weeks, we look forward to launching our next predictive index, which will be focused on the short-term prognosis for the return of elective surgeries by region, by facility, and by practitioner,” said Jason Krantz, founder and CEO of Definitive Healthcare. 

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