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The new functionality is intended to enhance communication and collaboration for millions of Google Meet users. Live Notes and Video Captions are now available for Google Meet.” data-credit=”Image:” rel=”noopener noreferrer nofollow”> Live Notes and Video Captions are now available for Google Meet.


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Transcription services provider announced Thursday the launch of Live Notes and Video Captions for Google Meet. The new Chrome extension allows users to create interactive, collaborative meeting transcripts in real time. These features were previously only available for the Zoom video conferencing service. To access the full functionality of the new features requires an account.

“Technology really stepped up to the plate this past year by providing innovative solutions to the rapidly changing needs of organizations,” said Sam Liang, CEO, and founder of “Take events for example, with the shift to online-only conferences, bespoke video conferencing, as well as transcription services, were launched to cater to this developing industry. This year we’ll see more technological advancements driven by the demands of organizations and their remote workforces.”

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Lang said a critical focus for will be developing and deploying AI apps and tools that help remote workers collaborate better. Lang also expects more organizations to experiment with new approaches that increase the adoption and reliance on collaboration, note taking, and transcription tools, especially as AI technology makes some of these solutions more sophisticated.

“Our AI technology is able to accurately understand a wide variety of accents in English and intelligently turns real time conversations into live transcripts, as well as live video captions,” Lang said in a statement. “By offering these features in an integrated experience on Google Meet, is helping to foster a more cohesive and collaborative workplace, as well as boosting inclusivity.” 

According to, live video captioning provides a number of benefits. It reduces miscommunication and fosters a more collaborative remote workplace for people working from home and those with accessibility needs. After the meeting is over, users can highlight, share, add images, search by keyword, and review a transcript, after a recorded Google Meet call, the company said.

During the meeting, users interact with a Live Notes panel that launches from the Chrome web browser during a Google Meet call. Users also can access Live Captions that utilize’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine. These captions can be customized by size and font also and are accessible even after the meeting has ended. All recorded meetings also will include a shareable transcript that is available on’s web platform and app. plans additional integrations for other conferencing platforms, the company said. Its goal is to allow any company, regardless of video conferencing vendors, to be able to use its business communication and collaboration tools.

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