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Photoshop vs. Slazzer: Which Works Best for Removing Backgrounds?

Are you frequently called upon to remove backgrounds from a source image but aren’t sure whether to pay for Photoshop or use something else? If so, read on. Slazzer offers an alternative that may help you reach a conclusion.

Removing backgrounds from source images is something that many content creators or designers rely upon as they create or edit their work. Consequently, to create compelling imagery, designers need to remove backgrounds and add extra elements. However, doing this often isn’t as easy as it seems. That is to say; it can be very time-consuming.

Challenging the ‘Industry Standard’

Adobe Photoshop is a widely known photo editing software that features a comprehensive photo editing package. It is useful for graphic design professionals.

However, most people don’t use even half the features that come with the package.

Even with its depth of features, it still can be ridiculously hard to remove backgrounds. Moving into this space, Slazzer provides an inexpensive alternative for background removal.

Enter Slazzer

Slazzer offers an instantaneous background remover. Instead of hassling back and forth with Photoshop, the only thing users need to do is drag and drop an image. Done! It really is as easy as that.

Skeptics can give it a shot by trying it out for free by visiting the Slazzer homepage.

Since Slazzer is an AI-powered editing tool, it uses advanced computer vision algorithms. The application is able to quickly remove backgrounds from just about any image. In addition, users can replace a background with a fine degree of detailing in just a few seconds.

To see for yourself what Photoshop and Slazzer offer, here’s a breakdown of application usability, pricing structures, and features using an in-depth comparison.

User Interaction and Experience

Assuming you know even a little bit about Photoshop, you might wonder if it’s worth the expense to use it for one specific task, such as background removal. Maybe utilizing a dedicated application created specifically for that purpose for that would be much simpler?

In this niche, how does Slazzer measure up?

For one, the image background removal interface on Slazzer is straightforward. Drag and drop an image into the application. Sit back and wait for artificial intelligence (AI) to do the rest. That’s it.

With Photoshop, users have a wide range of tools and settings, from quick alterations using the Quick Selection Tool to precise adjustments. Photoshop features a lot to unpack…and a lot to get used to.

For instance, erasing a backdrop freehand requires the use of numerous edge, masking, brush, and eraser tools. This level of complexity may seem daunting and even frustrating to a novice user who only truly needs one tool.

Background Removal Options

Many businesses regularly must rely upon various methods to remove backgrounds. Some are costly in terms of staff time.

Professional photographers may take thousands of photos in a single photoshoot. These may all require an easier process than manually removing the background using Photoshop.

How does Slazzer stack up against Photoshop in this regard?


  • Features numerous tools. Anyone can remove backgrounds, and even process multiple images at the same time using the Bulk Background Remover.
  • The Rest API allows users to integrate Slazzer into an app website or system by adding a few lines of code.
  • The Desktop App can bulk process thousands of images sequentially on any Mac, Windows, or Linux device.
  • Plugins are available directly within Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, and WordPress.
  • Infinity Offline software provides unlimited image cutouts — megapixel quality and file size — on your desktop, offline.
  • On-premises deployment provides encrypted executable files on any cloud server in the world.


  • Has no distinctive feature specific to background removal.
  • The “Magic Wand” tool allows users to quickly remove objects.
    • However, due to the spectrum of color, it’s almost impossible to remove entire backgrounds.
  • Photoshop also does not have any Rest API function to integrate into any website or app.

Many Issues Can Be Resolved via Slazzer’s Plugin


The Slazzer plugin for Photoshop offers the ability to work at super speed, in your comfort zone, Likewise, it does this at a rate you’ve likely never seen before.

No more tedious and boring work trying to remove image backgrounds. In the same vein, no more paying for unnecessary tools. Slazzer removes image backgrounds in seconds.

Pricing Comparison

For many, price is one of the most important aspects of choosing an image-manipulation tool. Consequently, by offering flexible pricing plans, Slazzer can meet the specific needs of different environments.

What do the different subscription and/or price options look like? There are some significant differences many will appreciate.

  • Slazzer offers flexible subscription and top-up models. With Photoshop, a monthly subscription is the only option.
  • Slazzer offers tiered pricing based on desired functionalities. (See the Slazzer Infinity pricing model below.) But let’s first do a side-by-side comparison.

Table 1: Photoshop vs. Slazzer

Slazzer Photoshop
Free Plan ✅

  •  Two (2) free credits with unlimited free previews on
  • API access and apps for Windows/Mac/Linux.
  • Photoshop extension.
  • Refer friends and earn free credits.
Free Plan ❌

  • There’s no free plan with Photoshop.
  • You can, however, trial it for free for seven days.
Subscriptions ✅

Various subscription options. There is a credit-based model which gives you the flexibility to pay for what you need and change to your necessity.

  • From 100 credits a month to 50,000.
  • Pricing starts from $13 USD and goes up to $1999 USD.
  • Ten-Day Money Back Guarantee
Subscriptions ✅

  • Photoshop works on a subscription model of $20.99 per month.


API Solution

  • A Rest API solution that integrates into your app, website, or system with just a few lines of code.
API Solution

  • Photoshop does not support this functionality.

One of the most popular methods of payment. The top-up model or pay-as-you-go lets you pay for the amounts of credit you use.

  • From 10 credits to 12,000.
  • Starting at $6 (0.6 cents per image) to $1,300 (0.1 cents per image).

  • There is no pay-as-you-go model for Photoshop.

Making an Informed Choice

So which should you choose? It all depends on your specific needs and everyday usage.

Now that we’ve covered a general overview of the two applications let’s dial in our focus on the common task of removing image backgrounds. Choosing the right application will depend on your current workflow, specifically how often you need this specific capability.

One of the nicer features of Slazzer is that it does not force this either/or dynamic. It can be used within Photoshop without ever leaving the application.

  • The Slazzer Top Up pricing plans offer a convenient way to perform a one-time background-removal job without committing to an ongoing subscription. Slazzer offers plans that start at 10 credits per month, assuming you need ongoing capabilities.
  • They also allow users to roll over any unused credits, up to six (6). This eliminates the worry of paying monthly subscription fees for services you don’t use.

Addressing Various Real-World Scenarios

  1. You might be thinking: “I don’t know much about photo editing, nor do I want to. I just need the background removed.” In this case, Slazzer fits the bill.
  2. “I want to remove the background of an image and plan to use another tool — not Photoshop — to create a social media post.” Again, Slazzer is the economical choice.
  3. “I’m a professional photographer, and I need to quickly remove a background so I can move on to other tasks.” In this instance, use Photoshop with the Slazzer plugin.

Customized Solutions

The folks at Slazzer are able to customize their product to respond to specific requirements.

Are you called upon to process more than 100,000 images per year? Slazzer provides an Enterprise Sales team that can put together individualized quotes.

Image Support for Various Media Formats

  • Users can upload any image in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format.
  • Slazzer supports a file size of up to 12MB and a 25-megapixel resolution.
  • If the image resolution is larger than 25 megapixels — e.g., 6250×4000 pixels or any other aspect ratio — that image is automatically resized to Slazzer’s maximum resolution.
  • Photos must have a primary subject that is clearly positioned in the foreground.
    For example, most images of products, people, cars, animals, and other objects work seamlessly.

How Adobe Express Compares to Slazzer

Even though Photoshop does not favorably compare to Slazzer in terms of ease of drag-and-drop background removal, Adobe recently released a new application called “Adobe Express.”

Does Express offer a more favorable comparison to Slazzer? Let’s take a look.

Table 2: Slazzer vs. Adobe Express

Slazzer Adobe Express
Drag and Drop

Supports drag and drop function, but also has much more.


Drag and Drop

Supports drag and drop function.

Free Plan

Two free credits with unlimited free previews on

–   API access and apps for Windows/Mac/Linux. Photoshop extension. Refer friends and earn free credits.

Free Plan

–   Start with free plan.

–   Includes all the core features below so you can start making content. Continue using it for as long as you want at no cost.

–   2GB of storage.

Multiple Features for Background Removal

Slazzer has many services and features all dedicated to making the process of background removal both fast and effective.

Multiple Features for Background Removal

No dedicated alternative features for background removal.

Mobile App

Features a mobile app on Android.

–   Quickly and easily remove the background from photos on your mobile device by launching the background remover Slazzer mobile app.

Mobile App

Features a mobile app on iOS.

–   App dedicated to more than background removal. A designer tool. Turn your edited image into different template designs.


API Solution

A Rest API solution that Integrates into your app, website, or system with just a few lines of code.

API Solution

Adobe Express does not support this functionality.

Overall, both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Express offer many positive image manipulation features. True, Adobe Express offers an attractive alternative to purchasing full-blown Photoshop, but it still does not compete with Slazzer in terms of ease of background removal.

Adobe Express can be thought of more as “Canva for editing, with some added tools.” Additionally, Photoshop and Adobe express do not have the Rest API tool offered by Slazzer.

Accuracy of Results: Slazzer vs. Photoshop vs. Adobe Express

The strength of Slazzer lies in its AI, which is dedicated to identifying different elements in an image. From people, products, animals, cars, graphics, and real estate, the Visual AI is tailored to detect these objects and remove backgrounds accordingly. AI engineering makes the tool powerful for this specific task.

When determining which tool is best for removing image backgrounds, Slazzer holds the competitive edge. Photoshop does not have a specific background removal tool. Adobe Express does, but the feature is fairly limited by comparison.


Slazzer Infinity

Many users don’t want to work with an API and the technical aspects involved with installation. In response, Slazzer is launching an API-free application. This new dedicated background removal tool will be limited to desktop applications.

Slazzer Infinity will be the first-ever desktop application for background removal, specifically instant and infinite removals. Infinity features the ability to remove image backgrounds automatically and offline with no manual intervention required. Users don’t even need an internet connection. There are no technical/API requirements.

Powered by AI and automation, users can start a free trial period of Slazzer for all their business needs. During the free trial, Slazzer Infinity places a watermark is placed on each image. (After purchase, watermarking is removed, and the app is tailored to your specific needs.) The final cost of the Infinity app will depend on individual requirements.

The Slazzer Infinity application is available for Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop computers. After download, Slazzer will prompt you to select an input and output folder. After that, the app will work automatically 24/7 to process images sequentially, without interruption.

Contact the Slazzer sales team if interested in a custom quote.


Photoshop Plugin

  • When you click install, a new menu will open, Window → Extensions → Remove Background.
  • This button will then be available anytime you need it during your design process.
  • When you click on the background removal button, all images are processed through the Slazzer API.
  • You will need an active API key and an internet connection to use the plugin.

Photoshop Extension

  • In Adobe Exchange, click the Free button to install the Slazzer plugin.
  • Make sure you have the Creative Cloud Desktop App installed, version 4.6 or above.
  • Installation will take a few seconds. There is no progress bar. However, you should receive a message once installation is complete.
  • If installing from Adobe Exchange does not work, you can also install Slazzer manually using the Anastasiy’s Extension Manager.
  • Download the plugin and use it in Photoshop.
  • Check the Slazzer website for easy drag-and-drop accessibility.



With Slazzer, background removal is their only game. That’s the only market need they are attempting to answer. Given that specific need, expect the company to grow and potentially become the go-to background removal platform.

Photo editing and content creation will only become more important in an increasingly digital age. Slazzer seeks to make it as easy and accessible as possible.


Source: ReadWriteWeb