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pv magazine Roundtables Europe live coverage

Make sure you join the pv magazine editors live from Berlin, and the over 2,500 registrants for this year’s virtual pv magazine Roundtable Europe event, which kicks off in just over one hour! If you are already up and about, you can participate in our English and German speaking networking sessions, which run from 9-10 CEST.

Register for the Roundtables for free. Already signed up? Access the pv magazine Roundtables Europe event platform.

Cornerstone 1

Between 10 and 12 CEST, you will hear from 12 experts on maintaining quality alongside rapid technological development. The emergence and deployment of large-format and high-powered modules will be discussed, with a focus on quality concerns including crystalline defects in larger wafers, cell cutting processes and spacing that can result in cracking, an increase in defects as a result of cell currents, lamination defects due to process changes, and the alignment of multi-busbars.

Methods for effective risk management will also be addressed, including questions about the number of players involved in the distribution of risk. The session will further focus on ways to effectively designate the roles of banks, insurance providers, EPCs, manufacturers, and investors.

In between the sessions, you are invited to our Networking and Meet the Speaker sessions, between 12 and 1 CEST.

Cornerstone 2

At 2 CEST, our second session on Due diligence: Financial, contractual and technical perspectives of an evolving PV industry will commence. You will hear from another panel of 12 experts discussing questions like, are solar projects always a sustainable investment class? How can buyers be certain an asset is a lucrative investment? And how can project developers fulfill the requirements set by asset managers?

This cornerstone will bring together stakeholders that deal with PV projects from a financial, legal, and technical perspective.

Watch out for live coverage from the sessions as they happen!

Source: pv magazine