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Suning Open Platform Commodity Trade Scale Up 56.83% In First Three Quarters of 2020

According to Suning’s financial report for the third quarter of 2020, from January to September 2020, the commodity trade scale on the open platform of increased by 56.83% year-on-year, the ratio of non-electrical goods merchants increased to 89.46%, and the commodity trade value was CNY82.066 billion.

Apart from the good momentum of online business, Suning’s 7,000 offline stores in counties and towns also formed a business model that integrates supply chain, outlet, social and livestreaming. By introducing categories like home improvement, beauty, maternal and child, and daily commodities, the company further expanded its growth space.

Suning said that on November 11, which is also known as the double 11 shopping festival in China, the sales of its 7,000 county and town stores increased by 150%. In addition, in the commercial districts of major cities, the customer flow of Suning Plaza and was over 11.5 million.