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Tencent Creates Advertising Division In Silicon Valley

Chinese Internet company Tencent is establishing a new advertising division in its Palo Alto office to provide services to American advertisers who want to reach Chinese consumers.

Yang Baoshu, vice president for Tencent’s international business, said that American advertisers will be able to gain brand awareness in China. Tencent’s advertising targeting technology will help advertisers target Chinese tourists who might visit America.

According to Yang, there are 3.5 million Chinese tourists visiting America every year and their consumption value reaches about USD35 billion. Tencent already reached deals with Rebecca Minkoff, Zillow, and FreePeople, aiming to attract those consumers.

Yang said that Tencent currently has one localized team to help advertisers, especially retailing, hotel and fashion brands, to understand the market and operate effectively.

In addition, Tencent will provide WeChat payment support to help consumers conveniently purchase products they see in the advertisements after they arrive at the stores.