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Tencent To Invest CNY500 Billion In New Infrastructure Construction In Next Five Years

Tang Daosheng, president of Tencent’s cloud and smart industry group, recently reviewed during a media interview that Tencent will invest CNY500 billion to further distribute new infrastructure construction in the next five years.

It is said that the CNY500 billion will be invested in key sectors, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, server, large data center, super computing center, IoT operating system, 5G network, audio and video communication, network security, and quantum computing.

At the same time, Tencent will invest in the construction of industrial base, industrial Internet base, innovation center, and industrial park basing on its industrial technology innovation needs.

In addition, Tencent will allocate its internal top research experts and lab resources and cooperate with top universities in China and abroad to jointly build scientific research platforms, enhance industrial research and talent training, invest in scientific and technological breakthroughs, and actively participate in industrial standard formulation.

Tang said that with the new infrastructure construction investment, Tencent will create a digital ecological community for online and offline enterprises, government departments, research institutes, and users to promote the fast development of industrial Internet.