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Tesla Model 3 Towed 3 Times For Same Simple Problem: Video

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Sometimes, a simple problem is tough to find. Thankfully, this video may help current Tesla Model 3 owners.

With a brand-new car — especially one that’s in its first model year —  there may be strange problems and quirks. If the issue is something that has never been discovered before, it’s not uncommon for a service center to struggle to diagnose it. This is why some people avoid vehicles until they’ve been offered for at least a few model years. This Tesla Model 3 is a prefect example of the latter.

YouTuber DamienG has owned his Model 3 for three months. In that time, the car has been towed three times. It was throwing error messages and would not go into gear. Damien was able to get the car home the first time this happened. He simply reset it numerous times. However, after parking it in his garage overnight, the issue returned.

Damien’s car spent four days at a Tesla Service Center during its first trip. The technicians replaced the charge port, charge port door, and ECU. As far as they were concerned, the car was working fine. As it turns out, the problem quickly returned. During the next trip, Tesla found a fault in the power conversion system. After another three to four days, Damien got his car back and it was working well.

Not long after the second fix, the car was “broke” again. The employees at the Tesla Service Center felt horrible about the situation and offered to take Damien to dinner and give him some free gear. He opted for a free Tesla Model 3 key fob.

Problem Secured!

Thankfully, the third time was a charm. Damien’s Model 3 was only in the shop for a day. This is because the issue had been discussed at a regional meeting and there was an understanding about what it was and how to fix it. Crazily, it was a loose grounding bolt!

So, if you have similar problems with your Model 3, be sure to mention this to the folks at your Tesla Service Center.

Video Description via DamienG Videos! on YouTube:

Model 3 Towed 3 times for the same problem!

My 3 month old Model 3 Performance + has been towed 3 times for the same problem! It has just over 3000 miles on it. Take a look to see the final resolution.


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