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Tesla Model C Rendered, Looks Like Compact Model 3

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I’d go for one right now. I have a Chevy Spark EV and the model C could go twice as far at lower cost with more room. It will be even more efficient than my wifes model 3. That is the car that can change to world for EVeryone.

BoltEV (was SparkEV)

I don’t think model C will be as small as SparkEV (146 in). It might be Bolt size (164 in), though, about 20 inches shorter than 3 (185 in). Still, that’s better than the Tesla boats on sale now.

A Mini Three?

David Murray

I have a feeling Tesla won’t be coming out with a compact or subcompact anytime soon. As much as I’d like to have one, they need to focus on where the market is going, which is larger vehicles.

Not in Europe. Hatchbacks are still huge here

They will be popular here for a long long time. People like the flexibility the format gives you.
That carries on into the CUV/Crossover and SUV formats. Boots/Trunks are just not for the masses any more.
Now if Tesla were to make an Estate version of this…. That would be a winner.

Yes, Tesla has hinted at a pick up with the looks of their semi. Ugh. Getting back to Musk’s goal of worldwide electrification wouldn’t a mini 3 make more sense? Bigger isn’t better.

I wouldnt be so sure about that. Even here in Germany the SUV and Crossover craze is spreading. I do not have the faintest idea why – apparently gas isnt expensive enough yet. At least we have barely any pick ups here.

Taylor Marks

I doubt Tesla will really do a cheaper sedan than the Model 3 and sell it to consumers. Musk has said it’s several years away – by that point, they’ll have Full Self Driving and the Tesla Network. I expect Tesla will simply have them on a ride-sharing network and keep 100% of the revenue for themselves rather than have to split it with anyone.

While we’re imagining, make it with a hatchback please.

Anthony Strano

The only drawback with the current model 3. I would really like the thinking in why they did not make it a hatchback like the model S.

The required crossbar would compromise rear headroom. The headroom back there is a common complaint leveled against the S, and the 3 is a smaller car.

Perhaps Tesla should go bigger before going smaller?

A Tesla Model XL (extended length version of Model X) would be a huge hit in North America… may double Tesla SUV sales.

Extend cargo area by ~20 inches (~508mm) and extend wheelbase by ~10 inches (~254mm) and keep everything else identical to Model X including battery pack.

Yes the added length will result in ~5% range loss but a Tesla 100D XL with 280 miles rage may be the sweet spot for many.

Tesla could bring a Model XL into production much quicker than a Model C; it’s way easier to only lengthen an existing model than to overall shrink an existing model.

A vehicle the size of Bolt, but classified as a crossover with 5 doors will be good since crossoverss are the best selling segment.
This could be Tesla’s answer to VW Id.

How about they focus on getting the pickup truck for sale? Bigger market than econocar.

…in North America only.

One of the only drawbacks, for me, is the unnecessary size of the three. The C would suit me perfectly. I don’t see Tesla coming out with it anytime soon so I’ll stay with my Bolt for now and wait.

This is where Tesla could really spend more money, designing more vehicles at once. Hire another design team to do the compact car, and a different one to do the truck, etc. If Elon really doesn’t want to do another capital raise, I see the truck coming first. Not to mention this market will be highly saturated soon, as VW should fill this with the ID Neo, and many others coming along or there already (Kona EV, Leaf, etc).

“Perhaps it’s not even in the cars anymore?”

Eric, that egg nog was good but, maybe possibly try

Edit: … in the cards anymore?

Happy New Year!

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