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Tesla Model S Fire From Flat Tire & A Tow Truck? Videos

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What in the heck happened here? We really need much more information about this reported Tesla Model S fire.

Sadly, all we have to share with you at this point is a steady stream of tweets about this Tesla Model S via ABC7Now reporter Amanda del Castillo. Obviously, a more detailed report and investigation will ensue. However, for now, check out the barrage of Twitter coverage about this Tesla that’s readily available.

ABC interviewed the Model S owner, and he says that the car was being towed due to a flat tire. He’s only owned it for three months and has about 1,200 miles on the car. He claims that he went into the business to handle paperwork, and during that time the Model S caught fire unexpectedly. This seems completely crazy to us, since one would think there would have to be some initiator or catalyst? Hmm …

Let’s hope that we can figure out what really happened here.

Check out the influx of Twitter coverage below:

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