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Tesla Model S With Dashcam Captures Near Crash: Video

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Nowadays, every driver should have a dashcam.

We’re not quite sure why this Tesla Model S owner doesn’t have TeslaCam or isn’t using it. Perhaps he’s driving an older Model S with a previous version of Autopilot, which Tesla can’t update with the feature. Regardless, the Model S has been outfitted with an aftermarket BlackVue dashcam, and it captures footage of a near accident.

As you can see, the aftermarket cam has better resolution than the TeslaCam. We’ve learned that even some people with the built-in TeslaCam (Autopilot camera) feature have opted for a higher quality, aftermarket unit.

Either way, we believe that having a dashcam is becoming increasingly advantageous and popular. It likely won’t be long before many automakers are offering it as an option. The fact that Tesla is including it as standard is another testament to the automaker’s continual movement into the future.

Hopefully, once dashcams become commonplace, the authorities will adjust regulations so that the footage can be more easily used to incriminate reckless drivers and car thieves. If this becomes the case, many people will probably be more aware of their driving habits. Vehicle theft could decrease as well, as cameras tend to curtail illegal activities.

Video Description via Byshop303 on YouTube:

Another Near Accident Caught by my Blackvue Dashcam (Tesla Model S)

Driving in Denver running errands and grabbing lunch with the kids. We were driving on a one way, multi-lane road when the driver in the center lane appears to have turned to the right across another lane, and then reversed back into the center lane and backs away from the intersection. A little bit later, the same car tried to turn from the center lane through my car to enter a parking garage. They didn’t even signal.

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