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Tesla Model X Hits Tree, Splits In Two, Catches Fire

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High rate of speed suspected.

Fire erupted after a Tesla Model X collided with a tree and split in two.

Three teenagers were seriously injured in the wreck. One sustained life-threatening injuries. No fatalities reported.

A 2017 Tesla Model X was driven off the road where it struck a tree. The violent collision split the car in two. Fire began shortly after impact, as the battery pack had been compromised.

Clean up of the wreckage is reportedly still underway, as battery cells were spread throughout the brush.

News Times reports:

Three teenagers were injured after one drove a 2017 Tesla Model X off the road and into a tree in southern New Hampshire on Wednesday, according to state police.

Speed was likely a factor in the accident, according to the accident report, and the car split in two and caught fire after the impact.

The driver and one passenger were taken to a community hospital with “serious but non-life threatening injuries,” while the third passenger was taken to the UMass hospital in Worcester with life-threatening injuries.

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Source: News Times

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