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Tesla Model X Tows Gas Truck Away From Supercharger: Video

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De-ICEing experiment.

When a non-electric car (ICE) is blocking a charging spot, thus preventing EVs from recharging, it’s called being ICEd. Sometimes it’s accidental. Often times it’s intentional.

Tesla Trip recently did a De-ICEing experiment with Chevy Silverado truck parked along several Tesla Superchargers. By towing it a bit with a Tesla Model X, which is capable of towing.

The experiment – with their own pickup truck – is kind of a proof of concept and, at least on snow, it seems to be technically doable.

However, especially in case of purposely parked ICE cars, we can’t advise towing the cars from charging spot because several; things could go wrong – from the legal and safety perspective (damage to the cars, lawsuit, street fight, etc.).

We must also remember that there is a problem with EVs being left at the DC fast charger, while already fully or almost fully charged (low charging speeds).

One of many real-life examples of these trucks purposely blocking charging stations can be found here:

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