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Teslacam Dashcam Captures Tesla Model 3 Barely Avoiding Crash

DEC 17 2018 BY


No road rage this time around, but there is still some scary footage.

This Teslacam dashcam clip shows us a really close call in which the Tesla Model 3 barely avoids a wreck.

As you’ll see in the clip, the Tesla Model 3’s active accident avoidance systems (such as front radar & Automatic Emergency Braking) stepped in to keep the car from crashing.

In an incident such as this, the car is typically quicker to react than even a skilled driver and this is what prevents the Model 3 from smashing into the car in front. As the Model 3 in the video changes lanes, the vehicles ahead come to an abrupt stop and collide. From the footage and the video description, it appears as though the Model 3 came within inches of hitting the vehicle in front.

Aside from clips like this, Teslacam has proven useful in capturing the license plates of offending drivers too. Honestly, it’s a feature that should be standard on all cars. Unfortunately, you’ll only find it on Teslas right now.

But with more and more of these types of videos surfacing, as well as those road rage ones, we tend to think that something like Teslacam will become increasingly popular, even at the OEM level.

Video description:

Super close call on I-75 S just north of the perimeter in Atlanta. Footage taken directly from the built in TeslaCam.

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Source: InsideEVs