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The 2018 EV Market Highlight Reel [GTM Squared]

Break out the champagne! No, it still isn’t New Year’s Eve. But there is a lot to celebrate in the world of electric vehicles. So here is the 2018 rundown, in 12 charts. 

First, cheers to a major milestone: U.S. plug-in passenger car sales have officially passed the 1 million mark. “As of October 2018, 1 million plug-in vehicles have been sold in the United States,” the Department of Energy confirmed last month.

PEV sales started in December 2010 with the commercial launch of the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt. Since then, more PEV models have come to market, spiking sales from under 5,000 per month in September 2012, to a record 45,000 per month in September 2018. 

California has been driving most of that growth. In November, the Golden State achieved its own milestone of 500,000 plug-ins sold since 2010. 

U.S. Electric Vehicle Sales

Source: Veloz

Source: Greentech Media