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The 2018 sustainability year in review, in haiku

Back by popular demand, smart cities consultant Sue Lebeck provides GreenBiz highlights from the past year in verse. You’ll find her haiku from 2017 here.

Do We Think We Can Dance?
“Two degrees and the 
SDGs.” State of GreenBiz
Kicks off Phoenix’s dance. 

No Stopping the Art of the Deal
Solar slaps aside,
Renewable energy
Deals will find their way.

Brash Tactics Drive Mobility
A year of pushing
Boundaries starts quietly:
The electric bus.

Aloha, Resiliency
Culture, history
And a resilient future:
Hawaii’s story.

Climate of Action
Subnations step up.
A flurry of commitments
Launch a new campaign.

In Oakland on the Verge
Kicks off VERGE; tech is servant
To people and place.

Will it Go ‘Round in Circles?
Value “loops” can change
Our game and our risk. Welcome, 

Midterm Conversation-Starters 
Twitter-storm weary,
Our leaders may now have to
Actually talk.

Let’s Talk Money
A chance to align
Players as GreenFin grows its
Own innovation.

Calling All Corporates 
Whether PPP-
ready or just game to play,
Cities need you now.

Grief and Bargaining
Near COP24 
In coal-mitigated cold,
Fossil fuels resist.

One Year Left till 2020
Can’t stop. Next stop is
Sustainability at
the scale of culture.

Source: GreenBiz