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The Energy Storage Industry View of Grid Operator Plans for FERC Order 841 [GTM Squared]

Early this month, the country’s independent system operators (ISOs) and regional transmission organizations (RTOs) filed their official plans to comply with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order 841, the directive to integrate energy storage assets into their capacity, energy and ancillary services markets.

These plans are hugely important to the energy storage industry, given the size of the markets that could be unlocked by their implementation — about 7,000 megawatts, or more than 20,000 megawatt-hours, of cost-effective energy storage, according to Brattle Group.

They’re also hugely complicated. Taken together, the filings from PJM, ISO New England, New York ISO, California ISO, Midcontinent ISO and Southwest Power Pool (SPP) add up to more than 25,000 pages, covering everything from physical and operational characteristics of electric storage resources, to the tariff changes to integrate them into day-to-day operations at scale.

Or, sometimes not covering these details at all, according to the Energy Storage Association. 

Source: Greentech Media