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This Brooklyn man makes massive robotic costumes out of junk

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One Man’s Trash from We Are Films on Vimeo.

Peter Kokis makes robots or, more correctly, he turns into robots. This Brooklyn artists takes parts from different things – slicers, juicers, and the like – and sticks them together to make some amazing costumes. He then wanders the streets of Brooklyn looking like an escaped Transformer.

His studio site, Brooklyn Robotworks, features many of his creations including an alien-looking robot and an exosuit that looks like something out of Gears of War.

“I look at the shape of objects and see their potential to portray something,” he wrote. “Virtually everything can be changed to suit my needs: re-shaped, cut-down, painted…altered in my ‘foundry’, to be seen as something else.”

This cute video shows Kokis’ foundry – actually his kitchen table – up close and explores the dedication of an artist who likes to make cool stuff to make people happy – a mission that applies to us all.

source: TechCrunch