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Twitter looks to improve events on Twitter with new publisher tools

Twitter says it’s going to make it easier for publishers to better understand what sort of content is resonating with its readers on the social network. The company this morning at CES briefly discussed a concept for a new publisher dashboard offering insights and analytics that can better inform their content strategy.

The company clarified the dashboard is still very much an “early concept.”

However, the idea is to offer publishers an easy way to see who on Twitter is reading and engaging with their content, when they’re viewing it, and what content is working best.

The goal is to allow publishers to better optimize what they produce to make it effective, the company said.

In addition, Twitter is working on another publisher tool – an events dashboard that will show what events are coming up, including breaking news events.

For example, an event like the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas would be the type of the event that would appear on this dashboard.

This will allow the publishers to figure out – in advance – how they want to participate in that conversation on Twitter.

The company also discussed how the events would appear on Twitter, explaining that it’s trying to making it easier for newcomers to the network to follow events, without the need of a knowing the hashtag.

“We know people want to come to see what’s happening. And particularly, they want to come to Twitter to see what’s happening when events are unfolding in the real world,” said Keith Coleman, VP, Product at Twitter, speaking on stage at CES this morning.

“If you think about the experience of actually following that – it’s hard. You have to follow the publications, you have to follow the journalists, you have to follow the attendees whose names you don’t even know. You don’t have all the hashtags,” he said.

The events section, meanwhile, will organize this information for you, so you can “tune in” to the live events, without having to know who or what to follow.

Events will be pinned to the top of the timeline, in Explore and accessible through Search, he said.

source: TechCrunch