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U.S. Army Robotics: Teaming for Future Soldier Combat [Video]

The U.S. Army’s investment for the 10 year, Army-led foundational research program has resulted in advanced science in four critical areas of ground combat robotics that affects the way U.S. Warfighters see, think, move and team.

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In this video, the CCDC Army Research Laboratory conveys that government investment in ground combat robotics is critical to ensuring U.S. maneuver forces maintain a marked combat advantage. The U.S. Army needs to continue its legacy of forecasting technological imperatives for our Soldiers and aligning the enabling research priorities so America can defeat near-peer adversarial threats. Featuring: Professor Nicholas Roy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Dr. Larry Matthies, JPL and Dr. Jean Oh, Carnegie Mellon University. (Produced by CCDC ARL T’Jae Ellis)

Source: SciTechDaily