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Unsubsidized 175 MW solar project under development in Germany

From pv magazine Germany.

Solar developer EnBW wants to build the largest PV power plant in Germany, in the northeastern region of Brandenburg, according to financial newspaper Handelsblatt. The newspaper report quoted EnBW technical director Hans-Josef Zimmer.

The project, with a capacity of 175 MW, is planned for the municipality of Weesow-Willmersdorf and EnBW has already secured the 164-hectare plot, had its development plan approved, and is in the technical detail planning stage.

The developer will reportedly decide whether to start construction at the end of the year, depending on the market situation.

The Handelsblatt report claims the project would be built without public subsidy, with EnBW reportedly convinced subsidy-free large solar parks will be economically feasible in the near future in Germany. Utility-scale PV plants can generate power for less than €0.05/kWh in Germany and electricity spot prices are rising.

Zimmer reportedly told the newspaper EnBW wants to invest in further large-scale solar projects and has a pipeline of 800 MW, including three projects of more than 100 MW capacity. “Solar energy is to become our third pillar of renewable energy, in addition to onshore and offshore wind energy,” the technical director told Handelsblatt.

The largest current operational PV project in Germany is also in Brandenburg, on waste tips of the former Meuro lignite mine, and consists of solar park Schipkau, with a 72 MW capacity, and the Senftenberg I, II and III parks, with a further 96 MW.

Source: pv magazine