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Venture capital slowed in Q2 (but it’s evolving)

As the global venture capital market slows, it’s also evolving. In the second quarter of 2022, global venture totals dipped, but inside of that slowdown is a shift away from the super-late-stage deals that helped push the value of VC deal-making to all-time highs last year.

And we’re seeing regional differences that could indicate that some startup markets are set to better endure the ongoing decline in venture totals. Leaning on a new global and regional venture report from CB Insights, we’re tearing into the location-based changes to the VC game today.

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Why start with a geographic look at the venture capital market instead of, say, stages? Or business focus, like financial technology or enterprise software? Because we want to start from the very highest level, and then focus on startup groups by maturity and niche. We’re nowhere near “settled” in this new reality, which means that the numbers are more fluid — and more surprising. Into the data!

source: TechCrunch