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Veritas Technologies adds Flex Scale to NetBackup9 for scale-out functionality

The data protection company’s latest delivers new features on a simplified platform to provide customers with additional choice for deployment across edge, core, and cloud.

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NetBackup9 customers wanted developer Veritas Technologies to develop a new tool for those “operating demanding multicloud data centers with heterogeneous environments that require a data protection platform without compromise,” and today Veritas announced its new Flex Scale.

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“We are supporting 87% of the global Fortune 500, in protecting their data from loss, from ransomware and assuring that it’s always available and always recoverable,” said Eric Seidman, senior director of product marketing at Veritas, which recently announced its acquisition of HubStores, for “Software-as-a-Service backup and archiving solution.” HubStores will “extend the capabilities over enterprise data services into a customer’s environments where they’re using APIs [application programming interfaces] to protect their cloud-native workloads that are being delivered as a service.”

NetBackup9, Seidman said, “is part of our enterprise data services platform around availability, protection, and insights, making sure applications and data are always available, that their data is always protected and recoverable. From an insight standpoint, that’s how we provide our customers with the ability to have insights into their infrastructure, into their data, into their backup, protection environment and help reduce risk and improve their ROI” [return on investment].

The new deployment option Flex Scale “delivers net backup in a hyper-converged scale-out architecture,” Seidman added, the “capability of our customers to have more flexibility and more choice in deploying the industry-leading data protection technology. They have the ability to deploy it as a scale-up solution, natively in the cloud.”

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Flex Scale “really focuses down on delivering more levels of operation, operational simplicity, but at the same time, providing that same net backup experience that our customers trust us with, along with the enterprise-grade resiliency to ensure their data is always protected and always available.”

Seidman said the latest Veritas developments came as a result of several factors, surveying customers, taking note of what customers were requesting, the feedback engineers were getting on the service, as well as an actual poll of the company’s more than 80,000 customers.

Flex Scale’s abilities will cross all industries. All companies, he said, have a requirement to assure their data is protected and recoverable, critical in this age of ransomware attacks. Veritas saw the opportunity for NetBackup9’s Flex Scale to “cross multiple disciplines,” yet is a “best fit”for large enterprises, for customers who have to support large amounts of applications and data and multiple workloads. 

Image: Veritas

Seidman cited examples of industries that would benefit from Flex Scale: Healthcare, financial services, banking, “Fortune 100 types of environments.” Flex Scale provides customers with new capabilities and more choice in how they deploy while “assuring they’ve got the right deployment model for the use case workloads we’re trying to support.”

Veritas continues to push the boundaries of its developers, Seidman said: “You can definitely be assured that we are always looking forward to the next level of capabilities that we can provide to our customers.”

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Source: TechRepublic