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Watch Hidden Camera Capture Tesla Emissions Prank: Video

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Say what? A Tesla with emissions. Is it hiding a dirty little secret?

We were led to believe that all Teslas were zero-emission. But, as it turns out, that’s not entirely true anymore.

One of Tesla’s latest over-the-air software updates brought with it a new emissions features. Now, a Tesla Model S, Model X and even a Model 3 can emit.

It’s not quite coal-rolling type stuff though. Or Dieselgate either. Rather, it’s a more comical type of emissions. One that doesn’t harm the environment, nor endanger the planet. But it might make one shy away from a Tesla in fear of being pranked. Fortunately, no smell, smoke or other form of foulness comes attached to this emissions.

Watch as hidden cameras capture this funny Tesla emissions prank. It’s not quite as humorous as that failed attempt to gas up a Tesla though.

Video description:

I test out the latest Tesla easter egg on the family.

Watch as I use a hidden camera and latest Tesla Emissions Testing easter egg app to emit farts in the car.

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Source: InsideEVs