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Watch Humorous Failed Attempt To Gas Up A Tesla Model S

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An electric car at a gas station pump?

Certainly, this isn’t a common sight, but what ensues will likely make you chuckle a bit.

It seems gas and cars are so entwined that when one steps into an automobile, the thought is that it surely consumes gasoline.

Well, as it turns out, and as we all know, there isn’t a gas-fueled Tesla. And, of course, the Model S is powered solely by electricity.

But yes, there are unknowing individuals out there and we can’t really fault them, as the new wave of electric cars is still in relative infancy.

What we can do is assist, which is exactly what happens closer to the end of this video.

Or maybe, the joke’s on us and this was all a setup. Regardless, give it a watch. You’re sure to smirk.

And if you ever encounter this, perhaps act a bit quicker to assist the unknowing, gas-entwined auto driver. It’s our job to educate, so step up and help out.

Humor is not new in the electric car world and if you’ve been following us here at InsideEVs you’ll know we enjoy covering a bit of comedy here and there every bit as much as breaking news. Why? Well, because we all need a break and a laugh now and then.

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