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Watch World’s Most Epic Tesla Race: Model S, 3, X & Roadster

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*Spoiler alert: The winner is a Tesla

We’ve seen vehicles bearing the Tesla badge take on any number of gas-powered competitors over the years. We’ve even seen the occasional race involving a Tesla versus another Tesla. This is the first time, however, we’ve ever seen an example of each model from the California automaker lined up to race each other.

The folks behind the What’s Inside? Family YouTube channel recently took delivery of an original Tesla Roadster. With a Tesla Model X P100D already in their garage and friends with a Model S P100D and a Model 3 Performance, it soon became clear that a little head-to-head-to-head-to-head was in order. With a wide, flat and straight piece of asphalt secured, it was time to see how the family of vehicles match up against each other.

Our regular readers can, of course, guess which of the four Musketeers (all pun apologies) would make it down the stretch of pavement in the shortest amount of time. They might even be able to guess which would bring up the rear. Still, there may remain some amount of mystery concerning the fate of the others.

We don’t know the exact distance that is covered in the contest, though it could be a quarter-mile. It’s certainly long enough to see definitive results. Now, the Model 3 suffered from a bit of windshield damage — the surface was pretty dusty and had bits of gravel about — and may have let off a bit before the actual end of the race. Its fate did seem pretty much determined by that point, though.

If you haven’t already, make your way up to the video at the top of the page, and enjoy!

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