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What Could Dethrone Solar in Residential Energy?

Solar scaled first to become king in residential smart energy. But as other residential DER tech has advanced — EVs, batteries, smart panels, and so forth — has solar been dethroned as the anchor product in this space? 

We’ll walk with Arch Rao, the CEO of Span, about the biggest technological changes underway in home energy.

  • How should we sell and manage distributed energy resources?
  • Who buys them, and what do we actually do with them?
  • What will scale to the mass market?
  • How will consumers interact with their DERs?

Span is a startup making a new kind of smart electrical panel. It just raised a $20m VC round and announced an integration with Alexa. Prior to Arch, helped lead the product team at Tesla that built and launched the Powerwall.

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Source: Greentech Media